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I’m literally shaking, this was so scary. I don’t know what would make a human being hate me so fucking much to write such a thing. I don’t care if I get all the hate in the world, but this will and is going to change my life at home. I will possibly never be able to see my girlfriend ever again. It wasn’t your fucking place to come out FOR me. You sick fuck. 

..why the fuck would somebody do this.

This is terrible.

Holy shit.

This makes me so angry. Wtf.

Holy shit. There is a fucking line, you can ruin my internet life, my school life but if anyone tries to mess up my FAMILY LIFE, I will fuck you up. I feel so bad this happened to her.





I feel sick. 

Man, we need to get over this homophobia thing. You homophobes, you guys lost the gay marriage debate. Sure, maybe only a few states have legalized gay marriage but a majority of the United States thinks gay marriage should be legalized. What we’re seeing is the beginning of gay marriage legalization on a state by state level and I’m sure sometime in the near future, the Supreme Court will accept a case and finally declare marriage as a civil right for all based upon the national consensus. It’s not a matter of if gay marriage will be legalized throughout the entire United States but a matter of when. We’re just waiting. 

You bigots are finally in the minority and I suppose I can see why you and your perverse beliefs feel threatened but you need to just let it go. You lost. You may as well stand up with your LGBTQ brothers, sisters, and others instead of sitting in the stone age and doing disgusting things like this. There is, never has been, nor will there ever be anything wrong with gay people but there was, is, and always will be something wrong with you and your bigoted beliefs. 

Furthermore, if you’re a bigot, at least have the courage to stand up and show everyone you’re a bigot, otherwise, you have to live with yourself knowing there’s nothing more pathetic, pitiful, or weak than a coward - and you’re precisely that - a coward and there’s nothing worse than being a coward. 

Tumblr, it is not okay to treat your fellow human-beings like this.

what the fuck is wrong with that sender

Thanks, anon, you probably almost got her killed. I mean she probably won’t be, not all people’s cultures don’t do that. But her parents could be abusive fucks and could’ve killed her. Do you not know what lines you crossed? 


jesus fucking christ

anon really just deserves to be shot for doing that

How can you do that??? You have no right to mess with other people’s lives like this. Coming out is a big deal!, for some people it may just be uncomfortable but for others it can even get them killed. You have no idea how her family is. Her life could be destroyed. You musn’t have a soul. I really hope she’s okay…

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      I don’t need to see the video to guess it’s contents. It is my responsibility to speak for my faith. Anyone who claims...